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ZAO Cheese

If you love cheese and you happen to be in the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan, then you shouldn't miss trying out Zao Cheese. Zao Cheese is a selection of cheeses that are made by the Zao Dairy. The cheese they manufacture here is made with milk that comes from cows that graze at the foot of Mt Zao.

What types of cheese can you find from the brand and what other dairy products are available from them? There are lots of choices for you to choose from when it comes to Zao Cheese and these include cream cheeses in more than 10 different flavors, smoked cheese, cheese spreads, and aged cheeses. You can find some of your favorite cheeses here, like cheddar, Gouda, and flavored versions of these two.

Aside from cheeses, Zao also manufactures other dairy products that include cheese drinks, cheese whey, yogurt, and ice cream. You will also find cheese cakes and other treats made from cheese being manufactured by this brand.

Some of the most popular flavors of cream cheese that you will get from Zao Cheese are strawberry, blueberry, and vanilla. There are also more savory cream cheeses in the lineup, like the garlic flavored cream cheese. Snack cheeses like the cheese cubes and shredded cheese are also popular. You can purchase these as souvenirs of your visit to the Miyagi Prefecture or you can bring these home with you and give them away as gifts.






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