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Yamagata La France Pear


The Yamagata La France Pear is a pear that comes from the world-famous Yamagata Prefecture, a region that is renowned for its premium quality fruits. Boasting of a fragrant smell and sweetness that is unrivaled by any in the entire world, the Yamagata La France Pear is a sought-after fruit and for good reason.

The Yamagata La France Pear has delicious flesh that is just overflowing with juice. Give it a taste and savor its melt-in-you-mouth texture that reminds you of an overripe fruit.

The Yamagata Prefecture — from where the La France Pear is grown from — has earned a lofty reputation all over the globe for being the foremost producer of this beloved fruit. It accounts for an estimated 80% of the La France pears that are grown in Japan. The reason for this is because of the area's rich and fertile ground as well as a climate that features a substantial temperature difference between night and day. Most of all, La France pears grown in this area go through a strict quality control process that ensures every single fruit that is made available to consumers is of the highest possible quality.

The Yamagata La France Pear is also known as the “Queen of Fruits.” Also called as the Claude Blanchet after the name of the person that discovered it, this divine fruit is not as common in its native country of France, specifically because of the climate that is needed to make it grow well. In stark contrast, the Yamagata La France Pear became wildly popular not after it was introduced to Western Japan in 1903. It has since become the best-known variant of Western Pear in the country, although many people consider it to be somewhat of a luxury commodity because of its high price.






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