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Ryu-Shanghai Ramen


We can all agree that one of the best dishes Japan has to offer is Ramen. The combination of hand-made noodles, flavorful soup, and fresh meats and fish balls makes the dish perfectly tasty. Both the locals and foreigners are really delighted with this dish especially that they have a pool of savory options to choose from.

While there are many varieties of Ramen available all over the country that are undoubtedly equally tasty, this time what we would love to highlight is one of our finest— the Ryu Shanghai Ramen.

The popular Ryu Shanghai Ramen was originally known as a soy sauce flavored soup. Eventually some innovations were made in the recipe and more ingredients were added like miso and chili, resulting in a more flavorful and more popularized Ryu Shanghai Ramen.

This dish has a very rich and tasty broth whose flavor comes from all the fats of the chashu. But, it is also complemented with and neutralized by its thick, chewy hand-made noodles. On top of the ramen is a spoonful of spicy miso paste which is the core flavor of the Ryu Shanghai Ramen.

So, if you want to try an authentic Japanese ramen with a bit of a kick, Ryu Shanghai Ramen is definitely the perfect choice. The combination of the fatty flavor from the chashu, plus the spiciness of the miso paste certainly creates a perfect balance of flavors that you will truly enjoy.

Ryu Shanghai Ramen chooses no specific season to be savored. Everyday is a perfect time to have a sip of its flavor-rich broth. So, we invite you to visit our shop and have a taste of our Ryu Shanghai Ramen. We guarantee to serve you with a scrumptious bowl of one of Japan's finest to cap off your escapade.





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