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Fukushima White Peach


Famous for its delectable and sweet peaches, Japan's Fukushima prefecture in the Tohoku region produces the Fukushima white peach. The fruit's natural sugar content stems from the region's warmer temperatures with more hours of daylight. It has the perfect weather condition to grow peaches. Farmers say that the peaches' sweetness depends on the climate and the amount of rainfall in the region. The Fukushima region is dubbed as Japan's “fruit kingdom” as it not only grows delicious peaches, but also grapes, apples, cherries, and pears.

Known for its faint pink color, firm flesh, and enticing aroma, you will never forget your first bite. As you take a bite of this Japanese peach, the fruit juices will burst in your mouth, its sweetness enveloping your soul like a big hug. With its high water content and low calories, these peaches are healthy, thirst-quenching fruits.

Known in Japan as Akatsuki peaches, Fukushima white peaches are usually harvested between June to September. These fragrant, juicy, and firm peaches have a full-bodied sweetness and slight acidity, giving it a perfectly-balanced flavor. Fukushima white peaches are prized for this exceptional, unique taste.

Japanese peach farmers in the Fukushima region employ strict farming procedures in order to produce these beauties. They are carefully monitored until they are ready for harvest, which is usually when they are about 70% to 80% ripe. The farmers in the region take their jobs seriously – after all, growing premium peaches require patience and hard work. Export-grade peaches undergo rigorous quality testing with the use of infrared light sensors. This ensures consumers that these white peaches meet product-quality standards.

The Akatsuki peach variety or the Fukushima white peach has the top share of Japanese peach exports to Southeast Asia in the past three years. These peaches are very popular in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia.






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