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Cherry Blossoms

One of the main reasons people visit Japan is because of their cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms Japan hold dear bring flocks of tourists to their country between the months of March and May because this is when these bloom. The blossoming of the cherry trees in these parts of Japan is a spectacle to behold and is often on the bucket list of many people around the world.

When the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, people from all across the country and the world flock to where this phenomenon is happening. Watching parties for when these happen are called hanami and during this time, hanami treats are made. Also called sakura, these blooms are symbolic not only of Shinto ideals and Wabi-sabi philosophy. They are also one of the most iconic symbols of the country's heritage.

Aside from being an experience worthy of your time and effort, cherry blossoms in Japan are also added to a lot of their food products. Some of the most popular items that have cherry blossoms in them are cookies, milk pudding, rice balls, mochi, and many more. These treats are often served during hanami parties but can also be purchased as gifts you can give to loved ones at home.

The treats that have cherry blossoms in them not only give these a unique, flowery flavor but also make them look spectacular. The blossoms of the sakura can be used in many different ways. Some are dried to make tea while others are pickled as a unique side dish.

Some of these blossoms are also used to make jam while a few are added to honey and syrups for an added floral flavor. Some of these are even powdered to be used in baked goodies. You will find that even the leaves are used in the same capacity and can also be purchased for local consumption or as gifts to take home.





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