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Beef Tongue: Sendai's Most Popular Specialty


Beef is tremendously popular here in Japan. In fact, if we ask you, you're probably familiar with Wagyu, Matsusaka, Yonezawa, and Kobe. But, here in our shop, we serve more than just the usual— we offer you the Sendai Beef Tongue.

Sendai Beef Tongue is one of the gems that our shop takes pride in. Here in Japan, it is mostly termed as Gyutan (牛タン, gyūtan), coming from the words “gyu” which is beef and “tan” the Japanese word for tongue.

Sendai Beef Tongue is a popular grilled, sliced beef tongue, seasoned with some salt and brushed with sesame oil for added flavor and aroma. For extra punch, it is served with a specially mixed dipping sauce with miso sauce and soy sauce as the main ingredients.

You can choose to have it served à la carte, drizzled with lemon if you want a bit of tanginess or you may opt to enjoy it with steamed white rice while sipping a hot oxtail soup. The latter is the most popular and recommended.

While all Sendai Beef Tongue dishes are guaranteed to be savory, you may still notice some slight differences in terms of texture and flavors. You see, the front end of a cattle's tongue is a bit more chewy than its back half. Also, thickly sliced Sendai Beef Tongue tends to have a stronger beef taste than the thinly sliced ones.

Grilling is just one famous way to cook Sendai Beef Tongue. There are still other recipes that you can enjoy while you are wandering in Japan. There's Katsu, Stew, Curry, etc. that are definitely as tasty.

So, what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favor and enjoy Japanese cuisine at its full range with one of our most precious products the Sendai Beef Tongue.






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