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For those who love eating noodles, udon is one Japanese noodle you shouldn't miss trying. While udon is originally from China, the Japanese have adopted it and made it part of their cuisine. Udon is a thick noodle that is made using wheat flour. Traditionally, it is served in a donburi bowl but some variations find this noodle being served in a wooden bowl, a woven basket, a pot, or in a shallow plate.

This noodle is so popular, it's virtually impossible for you to not find it in any region of the country. You can see this thick noodle being enjoyed by locals in many regions with a variety of toppings and broths added in for flavor. It is one of the most popular noodle types in Japan and can be easily found in udon specialty shops as well as in family restaurants.

Udon is usually eaten hot and immersed in a flavorful broth, topped with meat, vegetables, and other toppings that is popular in the region you're in. Some of the toppings you can find on udon include shrimp tempura, kakiage, scallions, grated yam, and even fresh egg.

Hot udon can also be served in a curry dish and mixed in with meat and a hard-boiled egg. It can also be served stir-fried in what is called yaki udon. This dry version can have toppings on it like bonito flakes, herbs, and shaved vegetables.

Udon can also be served cold and this is usually done with udon that is dipped in tsuyu before being eaten. Cold udon often begins at hot udon which is then chilled and served as such. Aside from being eaten plain and dipped in soy sauce, cold udon can also be served in a salad. This is usually mixed in with egg, vegetables, meat, tuna, and other ingredients people add to a salad.






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